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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to the Naval Officers of the Port of Roanoke concerning the exportation of wheat and corn
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
March 09, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 566-567

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Richard Caswell, Esquire, Governor & Commander in Chief of the State of North Carolina, to the Naval Officers of Port Roanoke, Greeting:

Whereas, It hath been represented to me that the following Vessels being owned by Citizens of the United States, viz: Sloop Speedwell, Samuel Leighton, Master; Sloop William, Levi Luther, Master; Schooner Hannah & Betsy, John Collins, Master; Schooner Newport, Levi Stephens, Master; Sloop Lively, Moses Kelsey, Master; Schooner Industry, Thos. Friendly, Master; Schooner Elizabeth, John Wardell, Master; Schooner Polly, Cornelius Dunham, Master; Sloop Olive Branch, Isaac Allen, Master, were entered in your office previous to the prohibiting by proclamation the Exportation of Grain; and it being also represented that the Cargoes of those Vessels were purchased and partly invested in Wheat and Indian Corn actually Shipped on Board the said respective Vessels previous to the aforesaid Proclamation, and unless the Embargo on Wheat and Indian Corn is taken off, so far as relates to the said Vessels, manifest injuries will be sustained by the owners of such Vessels.

I have therefore thought proper to permit you, the said Naval Officer, and you are hereby permitted accordingly, to clear out the Vessels aforesaid with such Wheat and Indian Corn as the Master or Owner of such Vessels respectively, shall, by affidavit or otherwise, make appear to your satisfaction was actually purchased for such Cargo previous to such Master or Owners having any knowledge

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of the prohibition or Embargo aforesaid, (my proclamation of the fourth instant to the contrary notwithstanding) and that affidavits being made that no person who is not a Citizen of the United States is directly or indirectly interested in such Cargoes or any part of them respectively.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State at Kinston the ninth day of March Anno Domino, 1786, in the Tenth year of the Independence of the State.