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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Anthony Bledsoe to Richard Caswell
Bledsoe, Anthony, 1733-1788
May 12, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 607-609

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Nashville, May 12th, 1786.

Dear Sir:

I am heartily sorry to be obliged to address you on the present disagreeable subject. Immediately after my return from New Bern I found the peacable situation of our little flourishing Country disturbed by the Indians stealing Horses, &c., and soon after proceeded to Hostilities; as enclosed I send you a List of the Names of the several persons killed and wounded, in consequence of which I have Ordered look outs in different parts of the Country and am Obliged to call on the Militia continually, which is very oppressive. Our Country being a frontier alround and in all appearances likely to be invaded on every quarter, and driven to stations and fortifications leaving their property exposed to the savage, to the destruction of this Infant Country and we seem to be at a loss to know with Certainty by what hand we suffer in particular, tho' we are certain in part by the Cherokees and they say a part by the Creeks. A McClure and two others from Kentucky having their Horses stole by the Indians last Winter, went near the Chickamawgah Towns and killed four of them in which attempt two of the three fell and McClure only escaped. After they had committed several thefts and

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wounded several of our people, we sent a half breed that had come to the Country as a guide to some Gentlemen with a letter to Chickamawgah demanding of them the reasons of such of their Conduct; to which they returned a very Friendly answer, and wish things to be put up at what they are at. Our Messenger informs us that the Chickamawgas killed one Clark and his wife and child at Bigg Barron River, (not mentioned in the list I have sent you) in retaliation of the Mischief done them by McClure, &c., and wounded several of our people, and now say that they are satisfied, but some of the tribes still persist in their Barbarous Murders. Our Infant and defendless Country loudly call for Assistance, and look up to your Excellency to revenge her Blood. If Nothing more could be done, you will please write to the Cherokee and Creek Nations, and let them know that we are settled here under your Authority.

The Creeks say that what they are doing is in consequence of the Attempt of Settling the Bent of Tennessee. John Taylor, the half breed that we sent to the Cherokees, says there is one hundred and fifty of the Creeks coming against this Country to lay it waste, and in all probability anything done in future will be in the name of the Creeks. I am desired by Col. Robertson and others to request your Excellency to write to the Governor of Georgia on the subject.

I must request your Counsel for particular Instructions relative to my conduct and the Method to be pursued in defence of the Country asking permission to go against some small Town of the Chickamawgahs, should we Certainly find that they are the particular Offenders. They lie within one hundred and thirty miles of this place. Pray give me your orders as immediately as possible.

I have the Honor to be,
Your Excellency's Most humble
And most obedient servant,

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[From Executive Letter Book.]

A list of Killed and wounded in Davidson County by the Indians.

Joseph Thomas
William Gubbins
Pear Planting
William Miller
April 20.
David Lucas
do 23.
William Shannon
do 26.
Thomas Frigit
May 1.
Samuel Buckhannon
do 8.
Squire Grant
March 20
John Patton
Thos. Patton
John Frazier
William McGee
April 15.
Andrew Barber
ditto 12.