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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of a meeting of the Farmers-General of Tobacco in France [Extract]
France. Farmers-General of Tobacco
March 24, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 633-634


The Committee resuming their former Deliberations respecting a Treaty made with Mr. Morris, informed of the Circumstances in which it was made, also informed of the dispatch of twelve thousand Hogsheads of Tobacco, the aproaching arrival of which has been announced by Mr. Le Couteulx, the Correspondent of Mr. Morris, have unanimously thought that the Execution of the Treaty ought to Extend until the first of January, 1788, saving the right of annuling in case of failure of Execution on the part of the said Mr. Morris, the Condition of the said Treaty; taking afterwards into Consideration, the Interest of the National Commerce with that of the United States have agreed on the Resolutions hereafter enumerated.

1st. After the Expiration of the Treaty with Mr. Morris, there shall be made no more Bargains of the same kind.

2d. The Farmers General shall always have in his Magazines a Necessary supply for the Exercise of his Privilege, which supply shall be formed as well by what shall be furnished by the Contract with Mr. Morris, as by what he shall procure by Means of Commerce.

3d. To secure this Supply the Farmers General shall purchase, during the Continuation of the Contract with Mr. Morris, only the Tobacco which can be furnished by trade and brought in French or American Vessels to Amount of 12 or 15,000 Hogsheads every year, at the same price, and on the same Conditions, stipulated with the said Mr. Morris.

4th. In cases where Cargoes shall not be assorted, the Tobacco shall be paid for at the following prices:

1st Quantity James and York River Tobacco
Nt. Cwt.
2nd Quantity Potomac & Rappahannock
3rd do Maryland Tobacco

All the first Qualities of each kind for France.

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5th. In case of difficulty respecting the Quality, samples shall be sent to the Council and it shall be determined by a Commission which shall be authorized to have the Samples Examined by such persons as may be proper.

6th. When the Tobacco furnished by the Americans shall not be delivered in a Manufacturing Port, there shall be deducted from the Stipulated prices 30 sous per net. Quintal for Expences of transportation.