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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposals by Nicholas Romayne concerning North Carolina tobacco, including cover letter from Romayne to Arthur Lee, Walter Livingston, and Samuel Osgood
Romayne, Nicholas, 1756-1817
June 01, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 638-639

-------------------- page 638 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

New York, June 1st, 1786.



Having this Morning spoken to Mr. Walter Livingston, one of your Honorable Board, with respect to the Tobacco belonging to the State of North Carolina, the Quantity supposed to be between twelve and fourteen Hundred Hogsheads, sixteen thirty-sixths of which being at Wilmington, ten thirty-sixths at Washington, and the other ten thirty-sixths at Edenton, I now beg leave to lay before you, proposals for the aforesaid quantity of Tobacco.

I have the honor to be,
With much respect,
Your Obedient Servant,

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Proposals made by Nicholas Romayne to the Honorable Samuel Osgood, Walter Livingston and Arthur Lee, Esquires, Commissioners of the Board of Treasury for the Tobacco as Mentioned on the other side.

First. The Tobacco to be delivered in Shipping Order at the Towns of Wilmington, Washington and Edenton, to an Agent appointed by the said Nicholas Romayne, and if by the said Agent required; no part of said Tobacco shall be understood to be in Shipping Order unless reinspected at the aforesaid Towns by the Public Inspector, and that not at the Expence of the Contractor.

Secondly. For every Hundred pounds Weight of the said Tobacco delivered agreeably to the above Article to such Agent as may be appointed by the said Nicholas Romayne, he will engage to pay to the said Commissioners of the Treasury of the United

-------------------- page 639 --------------------
States, or their Order, three Spanish Milled dollars and one fourth of a dollar in three Equal payments, that is to say one third in three Months, One third in Six Months, and the remaining one third in Nine Months, to be computed from the date of Receipts of such Agents for such delivery, provided it shall be understood no computation shall be made or any Receipt which does not Specify as much as two Hundred thousand pounds Weight, 200,000, unless in the case of the delivery of the last Quantity which may not amount to so much.

Thirdly. The said Nicholas Romayne engages that his Agent as by him named, shall at all times be ready to receive the said Tobacco, when tendered by persons Authorized, he having ten days previous notice of the Quantity to be delivered.

Fourthly. If the Governor and Council of the State of North Carolina or other Public Body, or any description of persons sufficiently Authorized shall accept these proposals and inform him the said Nicholas Romayne or his Agent or Agents in North Carolina thereof, then the said Acceptance shall be binding on him fully to Comply with and Accept of the same and Abide thereby.