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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Robert Rowan
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 07, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 673-674

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, July 7th, 1786.

Dear Sir:

I am honored with your Letter of the 3rd Inst. The Council was sitting at the time it came to hand, deliberating on the subject of the letters I had received from the Board of Treasury, and the

-------------------- page 674 --------------------
proposals made them for the purchase of Tobacco. These letters & proposals are too long for me to detain the bearer until copies can be made. I shall therefore for the present, only forward to you a Copy of the Resolution of Council on that business, and to request you will please attend to and observe such matters therein contained as are recommended.

I shall write the Board of Treasury and inform them that the Propositions of Mr. Morris and of Mr. Romayne cannot be acceded to and request their further advice, on receipt of which I will communicate the same to you. I will in the mean time persue and consider the other papers and extract from them anything I think may be proper for your use.

With very great esteem and respect,
I am Dear Sir, your mo. ob. Servt.,