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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Osgood, Walter Livingston, and Arthur Lee to Richard Caswell
Osgood, Samuel, 1748-1813; Livingston, Walter, 1740-1797; Lee, Arthur, 1740-1792
October 11, 1786
Volume 18, Page 761

-------------------- page 761 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Board of Treasury, October 11th, 1786.


We are honored with your Excellency's Letter of the 9th July last, with the Opinion of the Council of State, as to the propositions made by Mr. Robert Morris and Mr. Nicholas Romayne for the purchase of the Tobacco collected in the State of North Carolina on account of the United States. Our opinion coincides with yours that the offers were and still are eligible, and we are sorry that they were not embraced in our Letter of the 29th May last. We advised the shipping of the Tobacco to the ports of New York or Philadelphia in case the offers we suggested were not accepted. We do not observe by your Letter that any Arrangements of this Nature have been made; the Season of the Year is so advanced that if it is the intention of the State that the Tobacco Collected at the places you have mentioned should be applied towards the discharge of the Requisitions of Congress, we beg leave to suggest to your Excellency the propriety of immediately disposing of it on such Terms as the Council may Judge proper, or of immediately forwarding it to the port of New York, in order that it may be disposed of for the best Interest of the State, and the net proceeds carried to their Credit with the United States.

We are with Respect,
Your Excellency's
Obedient Humble Servants,