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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jean Baptiste Petry to Richard Caswell
Petry, Jean Baptiste
October 26, 1786
Volume 18, Page 771

-------------------- page 771 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charleston, October 26, 1786.


I have received the Letter your Excellency honored me with on the 18th September last.

I thank you for the information you gave me of your having given Warrants on the Treasury to the full amount of the Balance due from the State to the Government of Martinico.

Give me leave to remember to your Excellency my Letters of the 27th July & 25th Xber last, respecting my request to order and enforce the execution of my Sentence against Xavier Martin. Those Letters I suppose are by this time in your hands. This matter will I hope, meet with the support of my Character by the State whose Laws you are trusted with the Execution of.

I have applied several Times to the Naval Officers of Wilmington to get back the Register of the Brigantine Charlotte, navigated under French Colors, and sold in Wilmington under Execution of the Maritime & Mercantile Court. I beg you to order that this Register, or any other he may have, or any other Officer of the State will have in future, shall be returned to me as I must return them myself to the Admiralty who has granted them, and the bonds given for them must be discharged. There is a protest in the Chancery of this Consulship made by the purchaser of the Brigantine Charlotte, in which he says that the French Register having not been delivered to him, he has been obliged to take an American one. I have informed Mr. Walker, Naval Officer at Wilmington, of it, but without any Answer.

I am with the greatest Regard and Respect, Sir,
Your Most humble and obedient Servant,