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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Selby Harney to Richard Caswell
Harney, Selby
December 21, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 796-798

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camden, December 21st, 1786.


Your Excellency's Proclamation for calling the Officers, &c., to attend the General Assembly now sitting, never came to my knowledge before the 18th day of the month. The shortness of the time and some other Circumstances renders it almost impossible that I could attend before it would be probable the House would rise; I

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would therefore hope to be excused for the present but at any other Time, by having Timely Notice, would willingly attend and answer for my Conduct, being conscious that whatever I have done for which I stand charged has been from disinterested principles; its true that I have signed a number of Soldiers Accounts from this quarter, and perhaps there may have been some impositions. As there was no other field Officer living in these lower Counties but myself, most of the line applied to me, and I have endeavored with much assiduity and trouble to Collect the best Vouchers that possibly could be had, to Ascertain their Time of service, that Justice might be done both to the State and the Individuals; some having died in the Service the best Accounts in that case could be only from living Soldiers to point out the place, what actions, &c.

Enclosed is a List of such Soldiers as I have signed for chiefly for these three Lower Counties.

Luke Lamb Farrell, Lieut., William Carlton, Lieut., Thomas Mann, Samuel Nichols, Sterling Dean, Isaac Sanderlin, Levi Sanderlin (deserted but joined again, discharged by Col. Lamb, which discharge I have), Thomas Jennings, Hodges Beneham, John Gilbert, Geo. Burges, John Relfe, Isaac Gallope, Frankland Trueet, Jona. Sexton, William Harrington, Jabiz Spence, William Sexton, Isaac Litten, Robert Jackson, Levi Wright, Thomas Walden, Willoughby Crisp, Joseph Case.

The following eleven in Number called on Captain Joseph Ferebee to justify, Luke Sylvester, Thomas Frenton, Mal. Valentine, Thomas Caton, John Lutts, Joseph Hanners, Ned Thomson, Willoughby Thomson, Loto. Trueet, Christo Clinch & James Powers, William Woodly. Justified by Capt. Howell Tatom, Griffith Darige, Jacob Darige, John Conway, Clement Godfrey, Willis Gregory, John Wyatt, Emanuel Marshall, William Parr, Malack White, Jacob Bennett, Caleb Saunders, Josiah Miller, John Brent, Collin Saunders, John Campbell, Timothy Ward, Lemuel Halstead, Caleb Hanners, James Jinkings, Henry Morrisse, Solomon Campbell, George Williamson, William Mahones, Samuel Burnham, John Leefman, Thomas Garrat, (this one deserted after serving three Years and four months but it being made appear to me that he enlisted only for three years, I ventured to sign his account in order to do him justice, which I yet conceive to be no injury to the State.)

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The foregoing is nearly a State of my proceedings between the State and the line except a few, & very few signed at New Bern under the Justification of Capt. McNeese & signed first by him. Now I am willing and would wish that all impositions may be debated and if any has been done thro' me it was not knowingly or Interestedly, as I have never purchased but two Accounts, both Small; I can also bring Vouchers or living Witnesses to make it appear if called upon, at any other time.

I am Sir,
Your Excellency's Humble Servant,