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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Receipt from Robert Fenner for Thomas Armstrong's pay certificates
Fenner, Robert, ca. 1755-1816
April 28, 1785
Volume 18, Page 728

Received, Halifax, April 28th, 1785, of Ebenezer Jackson, Asst. Com'r of Army Accts., four final settlement Certificates, signed by John Pierce, Esquire, dated 1st February last, and numbered from 89,375 to 89,379 inclusive, amounting in the whole to two thousand eight hundred and fifty-three 30-90 Dollars; No. 89,375, is on interest from the first of January, 1783, the others bear interest from the 15th November, 1783, it being in full for Capt. Thomas Armstrong's pay as Aid de Camp to Brig. General Sumner in the year 1782, also his commutation of five years full pay in lieu of half pay for life as Capt., pursuant to the Resolve of Congress of March the 22nd, 1783, all which certificates I do hereby promise to deliver to the said Capt. Thomas Armstrong.

2853 Dollars.

Agent late No. Carolina Line.