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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Receipt from Robert Fenner for Gideon Lamb's pay certificates
Fenner, Robert, ca. 1755-1816
May 30, 1785
Volume 18, Pages 731-732

Received, NewBern, North Carolina, May the 30th, 1785, of Ebenezer Jackson, Asst. Com'r Army Accts., three final settlement certificates signed by John Pierce, Esquire, Commissioner, and numbered from 89,391 to 89,393 inclusive, dated the first February last, amounting in the whole to three thousand, one hundred and seventy-two 60-90 Dollars, on interest from November 15th, 1783, it being in full for balance of commutation due Colo. Gideon Lamb, of the North Carolina Line, who retired from service the first January, 1781, and has sinced deceased, all which certificates I do

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hereby promise to deliver to the lawful heirs of the said Colo. Gideon Lamb, deceased.

3,172 60-90 Dollars.