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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Murfree to Jethro Sumner
Murfree, Hardy
December 05, 1781
Volume 19, Pages 886-887


Murfree Landing, 5 Dec., 1781.

Dear Genl:

I received your favour of the 20th Novr. by Captn. Fawn, and observed the contents. I have agreed to ship your Tobacco in the Brigantine (Joseph) Commanded by Captn. Cooper & belongs to Mr. Josiah Granberry, she will sail from this place abt. 25th of Inst. for St. Thomas’s. I have also agreed to ship 2 Hoghds. of my own in the same vessel. Mr. Granberry told me he would take in on freight 6 Hogsheads more in that Vessel or one that was built at Winton which will sail about the same time. If you are inclined to ship any more, and can send it down soon I can ship it on either of them vessels. I have wrote to Captn. Feribee agreeable to your Instructions and shall be at your house on my way to Camp in a short time, and shall be very happy to go to Camp with you. I

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heard a few days ago Colo. Lamb is dead. I should have been on my way at this time but had a little business in trying to borrow Tobacco for the State, from those that had Tobacco impressed some time ago agreeable to Govn. Martin’s orders, and am to have an Answer in 2 or 3 days.

I have no news. Mrs. Murphy desires her compliments to you. & Lady in which she is joined by your Mo. Huml. servt.


N. B. Please to make my Compliments to Captn. Fawn.

I have had your Tobacco Inspected which is very good, tho’ damaged a little in rolling,

2351 Nt. Tobacco.
H. M.