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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from John Kimbrough concerning his parole
Kimbrough, John
Volume 19, Page 931

-------------------- page 931 --------------------

To his Excellency Thos. Burke, Esq., Governor and Command-in-Chief
in and over the State of North Carolina:

The Petition of John Kimbrough of Montgomery County, Most Humbly sheweth:

That your Humble Petitioner was unhappily, through Various intimidations, led away and induced to act in a measure Contrary to the laws of the State but being fully Convinced of his Error and Sincerely sorry for what he had done, Submitted and Surrendered to Col. Wade and was soon after paroled by Major General Greene, Which Parole your Petitioner faithfully observed and Kept, but was nevertheless made Prisoner by General Rutherford and sent into Close Custody to Salisbury. But am now by the great goodness of the late Gov. Martin on Parole in Salisbury on giving Suft. Security for his appearance at the Superior Court, which he has done and also have put an able bodied Man a Substitute in the Continental Service for Eighteen months. Your Petitioner now most Humbly prays Your Excellency to release him from his Parole so that he may return to his home in Order to provide the Necessaries for the Support of his family Who are reduced to the greatest distress, and your Humble Petitioner as in Duty Bound, Will ever Pray.


P. S. If it should be the good pleasure of yr. Excellency to release your Petitioner please to signify the same to Majr. Joel Lewis.