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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Patrick Clark et al. concerning clemency for Thomas Hunt
Clark, Patrick; Cumming, William, 1724-ca. 1797; Et Al.
Volume 19, Pages 934-935


To the Honourable Alexander Martin, Esquire, Governor of North Carolina:

We have the utmost confidence that your Honor will never be wearied with exercising the Mercies of Government; happy that the first Magistrate is possessed of powers to soften the rigour of General Law and Sensible that your Honour will always enjoy a pleasure in Administering Mercy; we hope that the following Reasons will induce your Honor to extend the clemency of the State to the Unfortunate Object of this Petition.

-------------------- page 935 --------------------

He is under Sentence of Death for Horse Stealing which during the trial seemed rather an indiscretion than a crime, his general Honest character, his Attachment to the Liberties of his Country, His tender years joined with the prayer of this Petition, we hope will mark him as a proper object of clemency and mercy.

Patrick Clark,
James Clark,
Nathaniel Clark,
Robert Clark,
John McFarland, Coln.
Daniel Jarvis,
John Hunt,
Stephen Wilsone,
William Pettigrew,
Anee Pettigrew,
Jamese Baxter,
Jeremiah Gleene,
John Miller,
Charles Miller,
John Parris,
Antony Garrit,
Abraham Davis,
Daniel Lipham,
James Scarlett,
John Washington,
Pierce Jones,
Abraham Parker,
William Evans,
John Carrington,
Thompson Hargrove,
Enoch Davies,
William Cain,
Jas. Pearl,
Josiah Watts,
Wm. Cumming,
Robert McIntyre,
John Nickols, J. P.,
Wm. McFarland,
James Ray,
Thomas Sutton,
William Tray,
John Tilley,
Lazonais Tilley,
Archbal Harris,
Thos. McFarland
Thos. Ring,
Anvill Parris,
John Walker,
Wm. Mangum,
James Ashley,
Jesse Walker,
Eli Brinkley,
Lewis Green,
Barril Green,
Wm. Green,
John Knight,
John Langley,
Amos Parker,
Charles Ahley, Lt.,
William Smallwood,
Elisha Smallwood,
Peter McFarland,
Joseph Walker,
William Tait,
Arthur Mangum,
Richard Nickels,
Charles Roberts,
James Carrington, Esq.,
William Courtney.