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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina General Assembly to Alexander Martin
North Carolina. General Assembly
November 03, 1784
Volume 19, Pages 951-952

[From Executive Letter Book.]


The General Assembly have received with great satisfaction your Excellency’s address at the opening of the present Session of the General Assembly and beg leave to assure your Excellency that the interesting communications you have been pleased to make to them will meet with all due and proper attention. They also thank you, Sir, for the regard you manifest for the interest of the State, in recommending to their consideration many subjects of the greatest National concern.

His most Christian Majesty having opened and established L’Orient and Bayonne free ports for the reception of Ships and Merchandizes of all Nations, but more particularly calculated for the encouragement of the American commerce, cannot fail to be highly

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pleasing to the General Assembly, as it affords fresh proofs of the magnanimity and wisdom of the great Monarch, and in a particular manner manifests a continuation of his affectionate concern for the United States. We cannot close this address to your Excellency without assuring you that in taking a review of your administration, which has continued nearly as long as the Constitution will allow of, we find every reason to be satisfied that you have constantly employed your best endeavors for the general good and welfare of the people over whom you have presided; and we hope when you retire from your present exalted Station you will still continue to deserve the praise of your Country, and to exercise your talents for the further improvement of our free and happy government.