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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
General orders from Joseph Graham
Graham, Joseph, 1759-1836
November 21, 1781 - November 23, 1781
Volume 19, Pages 966-967

Camp Macy Castle,
Nov. 21, 1781.

Orders:—Officer of the Day, to-morrow, Capt. Cummins: Guard to consist of one Lieut., one Serg’t, twelve privates; every person in samp to immediately enroll with Capts. Carruth, Cummins, or with Lieut. Baldwin; those who have been officers during the campaign to be called on duty as such: troops to hold themselves in readiness to march precisely at six o’clock in the morning. And it is required that the most profound silence and greatest order is observed on the march throughout the whole of this route.

N. B. Returns to be made by eight o’clock this evening.

Maj. Commanding.

Camp Enny’s Bridge,
Nov. 22, 1781.

Orders:—Officer of the day, to-morrow, Capt. Carruth, troops to be on the alarm post at five, and march at six. Lieut. Baldwin with

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his troops to continue at the Bridge until the other troops have passed the Swamp, then return such a route as he may think best.


Camp, Mr. Barnes’ Plantation,
Nov. 23, 1781.

Orders:—Officer of the day to-morrow, Capt. Cummins, Guard to consist of but ten privates, Officer and Serg’t; troops to march at six o’clock in the morning. Guard two hundred paces in rear, two swordsmen the same distance in rear of them, no detached party or guard on the march to fire a gun if it can be avoided, except at a party or when we may stop to forage, at individuals.