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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Graham to Archibald D. Murphey
Graham, Joseph, 1759-1836
October 08, 1821
Volume 19, Pages 992-993

-------------------- page 992 --------------------

Vesuvius Furnace, October 8, 1821.

Dear Sir:

I send by the Post Rider (the present mail) containing a Roll of about one & a half quire, a continuation of the narrative of the Revolutionary War in this State, with special directions to deliver it to you at Salisbury Court. Owing to some severe recent afflictions in my family prevents me from going to Salisbury & delivering it myself; it is probable this contains all I may furnish you, however if any thing occurs which I may think material, or if on perusal of this if explanation wanted on any part, when you write me acknowledging the receipt of it if you suggest any information I possess which may be wanted, if in my power I will furnish it. On examining the narrative it will appear most particular notice is taken of such Transactions where I was personally concerned and the reason is because I knew the best about them. It may be further remarked that at that time I was quite young and low in grade, was seldom allowed to councils of my superiors, hence could not at all times explain the views of the commanders. I was considered as an executive officer and had the happiness at all times to possess the confidence of my superiors.

I will be much gratified when you find it convenient, from time to time to favor me with a line containing information what progress made and when we may expect the work will be finished. Since the printers furnished me with account of the Battles of Ramsour’s it has been examined by 8 or 10 persons who were in that affair, they all admit of the correctness & being circumstances to their recollection which they had forgotten. The present narrative I have no doubt will be found equally correct by all persons who were concerned. Many of the details I suppose will be too minute & in copying have to be Razzeed. The mode of publishing such pieces in the Newspapers as may suit I think a good one; if any errors to be corrected or additions to be made your friends could ascertain them & give notice previous to incorporating in the body of the work.

-------------------- page 993 --------------------

I would apprise you in your selections not to rely much on Doctor C. Caldwell’s Life of General Greene. As far as I have examined it contains but few facts, except what he has borrowed from Lee’s Memoirs & others. I think a good style is all that recommends it.

I am, Sir, Very Respectfully,
Your Most Obedient,