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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Blount to Richard Caswell
Blount, William, 1749-1800
January 12, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 603-604

-------------------- page 603 --------------------
(From Executive Letter Book.)

New York, January 12th, 1787.

Dear Sir:

Mr. Dowse arrived here last Night from Carolina and waited on me this morning, he said very little about the Tobacco, but I have heard that he purposes returning again, for what I do not know as no person has given me the least information or even intimation of what he has done or offered to do.

I had only the favor of two Letters by him, one of John G. Blount of about ten lines which he told me in General Terms that there was a very great uproar as I would see by an enclosed proclamation, but I did not find the proclamation; and the other was from Winslow which did not contain much more and these are the only Letters I have received from any person at Fayetteville since the Session commenced. This I suppose will find you at Kinston a little more at leasure than you have been for some time past and you will infinitely oblige me by informing me in General Terms what the Assembly have done, and in particular with the Tobacco, for on this head I am daily Questioned by the Board of Treasury. As there has been no Congress I can give you no Congressional News, but I will tell you what Members are here, namely from Georgia, Col. Few; South Carolina, Pinkney, Bull, Huger, Parker & Kean; North Carolina, myself; Virginia, Mr. Grayson; Pennsylvania, Mr. Meredith & Mr. Irvine; New Jersey, Mr. Clark and Mr. Linman; New York, Mr. Laurence, Mr. Hering and Mr. Smith; Connecticut, Dr. Johnston; Massachusetts, Mr. King. Mr. Few daily expects Judge Walton or Major Purie; myself, Mr. Bloodworth or some other. Mr. Madison & others are Expected from Virginia. A Delegation is shortly expected from Maryland, Dr. Johnston expects Mr. Mitchell and Mr. King Mr. Dane. No Delegate is expected from the three other States in any short time, namely, Delaware, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, hence you can judge as well as any person here when we shall probably form a Congress. My expectation of a Colleague is founded upon the knowledge that I ought to have one and not upon

-------------------- page 604 --------------------
any information that I have received from them for I have not Received a single line from either of them.

I am with unfeigned Esteem,
Your Most Obedient Humble Servant,