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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Likly to William Blount and Benjamin Hawkins
Likly, John
January 26, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 605-606

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Wilmington, No. Carolina, 26th Jan’y, 1787.


I am informed that you have the disposal of the Tobacco belonging to the Public of No. Carolina and as I would incline to make a purchase of about 500 Hhds., which is said to be about the Quantity stored on this River, I thereby take the liberty of offering you three

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and one half Spanish Milled dollars per hundred pounds weight for any quantity of Tobacco under five hundred Hhds. of the Fayetteville Inspection, Crop 1785, the Tobacco to be delivered to me here reinspected and reweighed. I could wish it to be optional with me to pay either in Charleston, Richmond, Philadelphia or New York, but I mean that Payment shall be made for the whole in one Month from the Conclusion of the Bargain and before any part of the Tobacco leaves the Harbour.

If this offer is approved of by you & Notified to me in the Course of the ensuing Month, it will be held as binding on me. Mr. Bloodworth is good enough to undertake to forward this Letter & it will be agreeable how soon you are pleased to favour me with your Determination. I have the honor to be with great respect,

Yr. Most Obedt. Servt.,