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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from Thomas Evans to Richard Caswell concerning supplies for troops
Evans, Thomas
February 06, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 611-612

(From Executive Letter Book.)

6 February, 1787.

Provided men are enlisted in what manner are they to be furnished with provisions, whether by the Commissary previous to their meeting at the place of Genl. Rendesvous and whether Waggons or Pack Horses are to be furnished for said Troops, and whether Tents can be allowed.

Provided men enlist and not being able to furnish themselves with Arms, Accoutrements, &c. The mode how they are to be furnished, and whether Clothing can be allowed them and whether or not a Coat in the word Suit, is not meant, and whether the Officers can be allowed Coats in the lieu of Hunting Shirts; whether Spiritous Liquors can be obtained whilst on actual Fatigue, Canteens wanted.

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Officers Recruiting their allowance Commissary to furnish the Necessary forage, whether a Horse can be furnished the Commanding Officer exclusive of Pack Horses or a Wagon and if Horses (being private property) are lost or killed in service, how the owners are to be paid. Whether a further allowance of Edge Tools can be allowed for the purpose of hutting and fortifying.

Whether the Addition of Surgeon, Ad’j. & Serg. Maj. and Quarter Master Serg. can be added the Battalion. As the Commanding Officer of the Troops is desirous that the Battalion should make as Reputable appearance as possible, he wishes to be indulged with two Drums and Fifes and one pair of Colours as it is impossible to train men properly without those necessaries, and that the Quarter Master furnish them. If granted Guides, their alowance.

With such other Allowances as your Excellency shall think proper to Grant.


February 6th, 1787.