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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to the North Carolina Council of State
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
March 14, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 636-637

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Mr. President & Gentlemen of Council:

As it is possible the Business of Government, or some other unforeseen cause, may prevent my going upon the service appointed me by the General Assembly as one of the Deputies to the Convention proposed to be held at Philadelphia in May next, for the purpose of revising the Federal Constitution, & as I am loth to put you to the trouble or the State to the expence of meeting again in case such an event should happen, for the purpose of recommending a person to supply my place I submit to your Consideration the propriety of your entering on that subject at this Time. Mr. William Blount, one of the Delegates for this State now in Congress, hath signified to me

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his intention of returning to the State at the end of his six months tour of Duty, which I apprehend will be out the first Monday in May, and am inclined to beileve he will then leave Congress as Mr. Hawkins is there, and Mr. Ashe and Mr. Burton will in all probability be there long before May, as I believe they have both set out before this time. If you think Mr. Blount a proper person, in case I have mentioned, to supply the vacancy it is very likely that he will, on receiving an appointment, join the Gentlemen appointed on this business at Philadelphia.


New Bern, 14th March, 1787.