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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Hutchins to Evan Shelby
Hutchins, Thomas
April 22, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 679-680

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Hawkins County, April 22nd, 1787.


Inclosed I send you a Copy of Cock’s Letter to Mr. Blount wherein he makes known his fears and doubts, in his Shuddering condition, at the same time has not lost sight of his interest and have been very careful to touch the Gentlemen to whom he writes with his; you will also observe he promises to exert his influence and likewise pointed out the danger in attempting to enforce obedience; his views I do imagine are easily seen through, thinking to amuse Government until

-------------------- page 680 --------------------
he can bring over the People by seizing their property, beating & abusing the Civil Officers to prevent the Execution of Laws. They have among them a Major Shod from Georgia who I am informed is a great advocate for their cause, also a Mr. Jones who fled from Virginia. They advise Cromwell’s policy to be adopted, Mr. Cock threatening Confiscation and Banishment. That the Gentlemen have not been very Candid, this Maj’r Donalson will give you a furtheir Account of. Cock’s party are getting very Insolent, I expect in a few days shall be obliged to try his Boasted Number, I am making the Necessary preparations & Cannot Doubt success, if they have not assistance from Green County, more than five their Number in Hawkins.

I am Sir,
most respectfully,
Your very humble Servt.,