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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to William Blount
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 24, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 683-684

(From Executive Letter Book.)

No. Carolina, April 24th, 1787.

Dear Sir:

A few days past I received a Letter from Mr. John G. Blount informing me you would accept an appointment to the Convention & attend at Philadelphia as one of the Deputies of this State, as I had written him several Times on the subject and he had more than once acquainted me ’twas his opinion you would accept the appointment, I had delayed resigning but had procured the opinion of the Council favorable to my wishes, in case I should not go forward, by recommending you to fill the vacancy if that should be the case. Believe me it gives me pleasure that my place will be so well supplied not only on my own accot. but for the dignity and honor of the State. Herewith you will be pleased to receive the Commission & a Copy of the Act of Assembly.

We have been much put to it to raise some hard money. Mr. Spaight I hope is furnished and I now send J. G. Blount £128 a 12, which we were obliged to give, which is for two months’ service and warrants for an equal sum. Mr. Reed lately informed me he had drawn on the fund out of which the deputies were to be paid about £400 so that there is no doubt but the paper can be had and J. G. B. has engaged to make you the remittance which I hope will arrive seasonably.

’Tis now too late to say any thing to you on Congressional Business, therefore shall only take notice that I have written to the deputies in answer to the Tobacco Business. Orders have issued to the Comrs. but I hear of no arrivals of vessels to carry it off.

The naval officers of Roanoke and Beaufort have made me returns of the exports of 1785 & 1786, but none others. I shall wait

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some weeks longer in expectation of being able to forward the whole, but if I do not receive them I will make a partial return; one Copy I will forward to you to dispose of in the manner you mentioned and another for the use of the Convention.

I have the Honor to be with the greatest respect & Esteem,
Dr. Sir,
Your most obed. & very H’ble Servt.,