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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Circular letter from Samuel Osgood, Walter Livingston, and Arthur Lee to the state governors
Osgood, Samuel, 1748-1813; Livingston, Walter, 1740-1797; Lee, Arthur, 1740-1792
May 25, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 705-706

(From Executive Letter Book.)


Board of Treasury, May 25th, 1787.


We do ourselves the honor of transmitting to your Excellency for the information of the Legislature of the State in which you preside, an Ordinance of the United States in Congress of the 7th Inst., for the Speedy and effectual settlement of accounts depending between Individual States & the United States. The Interest of the State as well as that of the Union are so materially involved in the Completion

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of this Object that we entertain the fullest confidence that every measure will be adopted by the Government for facilitating the execution of this business. The Commissioner appointed for the District in which the State of North Carolina is included is directed to give seasonable notice of the time when he will attend in person, or send on a proper Clerk to receive and examine such accounts and vouchers as the State may be ready to furnish, and as the several States are by the Ordinance limited to a period for exhibiting their respective Claims against the Union of whatever Nature the same may be, we doubt not they will be impressed with the importance of losing no time in bringing forward their Accounts.

We have the Honor to be, with great respect.
Your Excellency’s most Obedt. & Humble Servt’s,