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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Thomas Evans
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 02, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 714-715

-------------------- page 714 --------------------
(From Executive Letter Book.)

Kinston, 2d June, 1787.


Your Letter of the 21st May by Mr. Markland, I have now before me, and I confess it gives me much uneasiness to find it dated at Richmond and to learn the causes of your delay.

I send you Commissions to supply the places of those who have actually resigned & also others to be filled in occasionally where vacancies happen. As I have nothing more in view than the good of the service you are engaged in I will not take upon me the appointment of a single officer, but leave that entirely to you, not doubting but you will be careful in appointing such as will be agreeable to yourself & the other officers under your Command, & after that attention is paid I think the most you mention is you can have your choice of the officers not receiving his Commission until he actually enlists the number of Soldiers which you shall stipulate is likely to produce good effect, but above all let me entreat you to pursue such measures as will get your men to the destined Rendezvous in the speediest most expeditious manner. Colo. Bledsoe has been a long time waiting on Holston to assist you with guides and in procuring provisions & other necessaries, I fear his patience before this is worn out, if so and he has gone to Cumberland you will miss him much as his general acquaintance there and on the way and with the Indians with his known attachment to the business you will be upon renders him the most proper person for your dependence and relyance on; I wish you to write him and let him know your movements on all occasions. Genl. Shelby & a number of other Gentln. in that Country I know will assist you all in their power, but it is the Interest of Colo. Bledsoe as well as his inclination to encourage & assist in this business. I have furnished your Contractor with Warrts. now to amount of one thousand pounds; the expences of the necessary expresses he must pay observing to take the Expresses rect. not only for the sum but the particular service he has performed for the same, indeed he cannot be too particular in his vouchers on all occasions; I am sure it will give more satisfaction to the General Assembly

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if each voucher is so expressive as to explain itself or rather the charge raised from it.

I have considered the 14 section of the Act for raising Troops for the defence of Davidson County & am of opinion that the officers of the Battalion may proceed to the appointment of the officers of the Cavalry from among themselves or others and in case of the appointment falling on those of the Infantry their places to be supplied by other appointments, else the remaining Troops will not be officered sufficiently, one hundred and seventy-six Privates being too great a No. in my Judgment to be Conveniently and properly managed by two sets of officers. Pray let me have your return and write me your progress by all opportunities.

I wish you success in all your enterprises and am very respectfully, Sir,
Your most obed. Servant.,