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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Blount to John Gray Blount
Blount, William, 1749-1800
June 08, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 719-720

(From Executive Letter Book.)

New Y!rk, June 8th, 1787.

Mr. John Gray Blount:

Annexed hereto you will find an account of Sales of Hogshead of Deerskins belonging to the State of North Carolina which has netted £44. 10, there is also annexed an account of twelve pieces of Linens received from Messrs. Atkinson, the purchasers, in payment for them amounting to £44.2.4. This is the fourth Hogshed of Skins that has been received here in part pay for the Goods by me sold belonging to the State of North Carolina to Bryan Ward. The Linens I Ship on Board the Vessel Commanded by the Bearer hereof, Captain Bartlet, bound to New Bern, to your address and to the care of Captain John Daves. I beg you will sell them or cause them to be sold for the Most Obtainable in money or the Governor’s warrants on the Treasury, so as to have the amount of Sales in hand by the sitting of the next Assembly, that is if the Governor does not give you any Directions respecting them and if he does you will please attend to them in preference. A Desire that the Skins that are received from Mr. Ward should refund to the Treasury as much money as the Goods sold him Cost, has induced me to direct the money arising from the Sales to be laid out in Goods here, indeed the Skins would

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not have commanded more than 16 per lb. at three Months’ Credit to have been paid for in money. Linens I do not suppose will Bear so high a profit as some other Articles, but they bear the highest that could be purchased for Skins at 18d per lb. and they are laid in as low as a Cent which is very low. I fear you will Complain that I have put this Business into your hands, but I beg you Excuse it and make or cause to be made by some sure hand the Best possible sales of the Linen.

I am,
Your Obedient Servant,