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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Anthony Bledsoe and James Robertson to Richard Caswell
Bledsoe, Anthony, 1733-1788; Robertson, James, 1742-1814
June 12, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 721-722

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Cumberland, June 12th, 1787.

Dear Sir:

Nothing but the distress of a bleeding Country could induce us to trouble you on so disagreeable a Subject, tho’ Your Excellency have enjoined on us to let you know from time to time if anything should happen in this Quarter of the world; in Obedience thereto Inclosed you have a list of the killed in this quarter since our departure from this Country to the Assembly; this with the Numbers wounded, with the large numbers of Horses stolen from the inhabitants has in a degree Flagged the Spirits of the People. The delay of the Troops allotted for the protection of the Country has enduced us to request of your Excellency to order them forward without clearing the road, and the People from this Country will give them assistance in that Business at a time when they shall find themselves not so much harassed by the Indians. A Report now, and has prevailed throughout this Country, and we are induced to believe that the Spaniards are doing all they can to encourage the several Savage Tribes to war against the Americans, it is certain the Chickasaws inform that Spanish Traders offer a reward for Scalps of the Americans. The Cherokees when I (Anthony Bledsoe) was in the Nation, was told by the Chiefs in Council that the Spaniards had offered them Match coats, Blankets, powder, Lead, Tomy Hawks, knives, &c., but recommended it to them to lye still and not go to war with the White People,

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as they lived so near them, but they were doing all they possibly could to encourage the Creeks, Chickasaws & Choctaws to war against us, though the Chickasaws and Choctaws manfully refuses, but say they must come into their measures unless we supply them with Trade. The Creeks have received large supplies of Ammunition, &c., and part of that Nation are ruining this Country; the vast Numbers of Horses taken from this part is incredible and we have doubts without Government gives some assistance that it will be one of the most distressed places that has been in all the United States; we are requested by the People to address your Excellency on this subject, well knowing your friendly intention to this Country, in hopes that your better judgment will point out some mode for the protection of it. A disorderly set of French & Spaniards Traders are continually on the Tennessee that we actually fear are a great means of encouraging the Indians to do us much mischief. Might it not be of some consequence that your Excellency would mention this Subject to the Spanish embassador at New York, as we have it from undoubted authority they have stimulated several Savage Tribes to commit Hostilities in this Country, though we flatter ourselves it is not the act of those in the first authority from that Court; we should wish to take some measures to remove those disorderly Traders from the Tennessee & wish your Excellency’s advise in this matter. You will please forward your orders on by Express, whilst we have the honor to be,

Your Excellency’s most Obedt. Huml. Servts,


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