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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Whitaker to [Richard Caswell]
Whitaker, John
June 16, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 724-725

(From Executive Letter Book.)

Halifax, June 16th, 1787.

Dear Sir:

Inclosed are triplicated Receipts for One Hundred Hogsheads of Tobacco, the nett weight of which is One hundred & Ten thousand one hundred and four pounds, being all that was received when Mr. Stewart was present. A few days after the inspection took place

-------------------- page 725 --------------------
Mr. Stewart rec’d a Letter from Constable, Rucker & Co., that a Ship would Sail from Wilmington to take the whole of the Tobacco Stored there, and hope she would not meet with any delay; I being desirous to deliver the whole of the Tobacco, Endeavoured to prevail on him to delay going to Wilmington a few days, which I promised to do in Six days, but without Effect; after Mr. Stewart proceeded to Wilmington we began the Inspection by the Inspectors and there remains in the warehouse re-inspected and not receited for 216,000, and of that there was refused after Mr. Stewart’s departure five Hogsheads. I am happy to inform your Excellency that the loss on Tobacco from damage was small, that is chiefly derived from its long lying in the Warehouse; am informed by Gentlemen, Merchts., not more loss than usual for Tobacco to lose. Mr. Stewart was well pleased at the quality of the Tobacco in my possession and had they Continued would have marked a large quantity for another Market, except that of France. I compleated the reinspection of the three hundred and ten Hogsheads in twelve days after getting at the work and as soon as the Agent returns from Wilmington & can Obtain Receipts they shall be forwarded without delay; it was with some difficulty I could procure those receipts I have, Mr. Stewart did not like to receive the Tobacco for Reasons he had no Vessel to carry it off, but in my opinion the whole of the Tobacco is at his Risque, for the State has done every thing enjoined her from the Contract. The five Hogsheads of Tobacco refused I sold for the best price I could get which was 25s per hundred; notwithstanding nothing has ever been said what was to be done with the Refused Part, I thought it most Expedient. Your Excellency will be pleased to advise me if the receipts are not drawn proper.

I am very respectfully,
Your Excellency’s most Obedient Servant,

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: Other correspondence between Whitaker and Caswell on this same subject indicates that this letter was written to Caswell, not Whitehead.