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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Anthony Bledsoe and James Robertson to Samuel Johnston
Bledsoe, Anthony, 1733-1788; Robertson, James, 1742-1814
January 04, 1788
Volume 21, Pages 437-438

-------------------- page 437 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsborough, Jan. 4th, 1788.


On our way homeward at this place we met the Bearer Sergt. Dobbins with Dispatches from Major Evans, Commandant of the Western Battalion, and by him letters from sundry officers and Other Inhabitants of the Counties of Davidson and Sumner giving information that since we set out for the General Assembly the Indians have killed Seven of the Inhabitants, to-wit: Capt. David Steel, James Luson, Peter Bennit, John Stewart, two of the name of Martin and one Jones and wounded sundry others.

This we thought our duty to mention to your Excellency & hope you may think, and if Possible, take some measures to prevent that part of the Country from being depopulated as we understand these last Mischiefs seem greatly to dispirit the Inhabitants. We Judge the Invaders to be the Creek Nation who are at this time Allies to the King of Spain. Might we be permitted to request that your Excellency would be pleased to write to the Minister of that Court now at Congress on that head as we judge his influence with them might prevent further effusions of Blood—Forty-one of our Inhabitants have been massacred within twelve Months, and we are confident that nearly all of them by those Barbarians and Creeks. Will North Carolina suffer her citizens thus to be cut off and not resent it, we are sorry to say the General Assembly heard it & that in a measure unfeelingly, in vain they seemed to hope for better times with their distressed Western Countries.

Might we further beg leave to suggest to your Excellency that a certain Alexander McGilvery of the said Creek Nation, is now in the Character of Intendant under the Court of Spain and Ranks as Lieutenant Colo. Commandant of a Regiment, and is a Man of consequence with that Nation, and we suppose his influence superior to any other person amongst them. If the Minister of Spain now at

-------------------- page 438 --------------------
Congress would write to him, we humbly conceive he could prevent their further Acts of Savage Barbarity. Should he not think proper so to do, we think the Superintendent to the Southern Department at your Excellency’s request would, & in all probability might be of Service—of all these things you will be the best Judge. We hope to be honored with your advice and instructions from time to time, and on all occasions.

Whilst we have the Honor, &c.,