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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ethelred Phillips to Samuel Johnston
Phillips, Ethelred
April 21, 1788
Volume 21, Page 467

(From Executive Letter Book.)

April 21st, 1788.


Yesterday I received your Letter of the 28th of March by the hands of Mr. McDougall in which you direct me to have the Tobacco I have purchased for the Publick carried to Washington with care. I wrote to you some time past respecting it, but should you not have got the letter, I now inform you that I have purchased about seventy five thousand weight, most of which has been at fifty shilings per Hundred, it has been kept at Tarborough in my warehouse, and I hope to have it carried to Washington and stored with safety, as Mr. Edward Hall who is a very careful man has undertaken to have it carried down the river in a good boat, that is to be well covered, so as to prevent the rain from hurting it, about thirty hogsheads of which is already carried down; I have laid out all the money I have received of the Treasurer reserving some to pay storage and freight, but expect to receive some money of the Treasurer this day which I shall endeavor to lay out immediately if opportunity permits. I mentioned to you I expected to be at Halifax but having an opportunity of doing my business with the Treasurer who is to call at my house on his way to Halifax, prevents my being there, and besides, my wife is in so low a state of health that I am unwilling to leave her.

I shall endeavor to inform you by an opportunity the situation of my business & shall hope to hear and receive instructions from you.

I am yours respectfully,