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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Gray Blount to Samuel Johnston
Blount, John Gray, 1752-1833
May 18, 1788
Volume 21, Page 473

-------------------- page 473 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Washington, May 18th, 1788.


Your favour of the 16th Instant was this day handed me; & on enquiry find in the Post Office yours of the 12th Ulto.

Governor put into the hands of John Gray and Thomas Blount, Warrants for a sum of Money to pay the Debt due to the Government of Martinique from this State & to be paid the Consul of France at Philadelphia. The Warrants were accordingly vested in Tar and remitted to Philadelphia and New York for the aforesaid purpose. The late Governor Caswell also drew in favour of John G. & Thomas Blount for Thirteen Hundred pounds, but their finding the last Remittance to loose so much declined remittance further, on a Presumption, the Debt could with less loss to the State be paid in Martinique where it was contracted. Therefore submit to your Excellency whether it will not be best to obtain leave from the Consul, to pay the ballance of the Debt in Martinique. In my opinion the loss will be much less & every exertion shall be made to accomplish the Remittance so far as funds are in the hands of John & Thomas Blount for that purpose.

I am, &c., &c.,