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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Pinckney to Samuel Johnston
Pinckney, Thomas, 1750-1828
July 28, 1788
Volume 21, Pages 483-484

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charleston, 28th July, 1788.


The Papers of which I have the Honor of herewith transmitting to your Excellency contain a recital of several outrages lately committed on a Nation of Indians in Amity and alliance with the United

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States. As I have no reason to doubt the Authenticity of the information & as the Persons who have perpetrated the deeds complained of Appear to be the Inhabitants of the State in which you Preside, I have taken the liberty of forwarding to you Copies of the documents handed to me by the Commanding Officer of the Militia on the Western Frontiers of this State; not doubting but that if upon investigation you shall find no misrepresentation in the accounts therein contained, you will direct such measures as justice & humanity shall dictate and thereby prevent a hostile combination of the Southern Tribes of Indians which the present Situation of Affairs give us reason to apprehend.

I have the Honor, &c., &c.,