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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Johnston to Charles Thomson
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
September 29, 1788
Volume 21, Page 496

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, 29th Sept., 1788.


I have received the several papers enclosed with the Letter which you did me the honor to write to me on the fourth of the present month. I have ordered the proclamation of the President of Congress to be published & have sent several copies to the Western Frontiers of this State. The facts charged against Sevier and his Associates came to my knowledge some time late in July last, when I immediately gave directions to the Judge of Washington District to issue his warrant for apprehending them and at the same time gave orders to the Commanding Officer of the Militia in that District to support the Civil Majestrate in the execution of his Duty. I at the same time took such other measures as appeared to me best calculated to conciliate the Indians & to restrain the Whites from Committing Outrages.

I am, &c.,