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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Winn to Samuel Johnston
Winn, Richard, 1750-1818
October 17, 1788
Volume 21, Page 503

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Winnsboro, October 17th, 1788.


I have to acknowledge the receipt of your favour of the 31st of August and am happy to find that your Ideas and mine coincide with respect to the establishment of peace on your Frontier.

I do myself the honor of inclosing you a Copy of the Resolves of Congress of August the 14th, 1788, and as it is the wish of that Honorable Body that a Treaty should take place with the Cherokee Indians in order to put a stop to any further effusions of Blood, I earnestly request that you will use every exertion in your power to procure your quota of supplies and send on a Commissioner immediately in order to facilitate a Peace as soon as possible.

With respect to a place for holding a Treaty the Commissioners for this State & Georgia as well as myself, think Kenohee the most convenient spot, but should you dissent from us in that case and can point out a place more suitable for provisions, &c., our Ideas shall be no Barriers to prevent its going on.

You should name as early a day as possible giving time to that Nation to be prepared, for the purpose and favor me with an answer by the Express enclosing at the same time the Boundaries between your State and the Cherokees. I enclose to you a Talk sent that

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Nation but should the supplies not be complied with on your part it will be impossible to carry the Treaties into effect.

I am, &c.,