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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Porterfield to Samuel Johnston
Porterfield, James
February 12, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 524-525

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Fayetteville, Feb’y 12, 1789.


I am now to acknowledge the receipt of your favour of the 29th of Jan’y, and herewith hand you a return of my last purchases, which does not quite compleat the purchase for the Season. My appointment as Commissioner was at an end the last of December, therefore I made engagements before that time expired for as much Tobacco as I shall have money to pay for, the notes for which I expect to receive in the months of April and May. In the hurry of business at the rising of the last Assembly they neglected to reappoint Commissioners in Consequence of which I am advised to apply to your Excellency for a reappointment. If you think proper to make such, I will prepare myself to give a bond as before; otherwise it may be improper or rather unnecessary for me to apply to the Treasurer for the money appropriated to that purpose.

I am, &c.,