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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ethelred Phillips to Samuel Johnston
Phillips, Ethelred
February 27, 1789
Volume 21, Page 532

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Tarborough, February 27, 1789.


Inclosed is a Manifest of the Tobacco purchased by me at Tarborough for the State since the last Return I made you, One Hundred and Sixteen Hogs’d of which is now stored at Washington with J. G. Blount, Esqr., and the rest I shall have carried down as soon as opportunity permits, tho’ there has been such freshets in the river that it has been and still is difficult for boats to pass. The Inspectors at Tarborough have made no distinction between the Qualities in Tobacco until very lately, but took such as they judge to be sound and good as usual, so that all I have purchased has been such as they received before they began to class. Indeed I believe the whole to be very good Tobacco as the Inspectors appeared to be very careful in taking none but such as they thought to be good. I should have made you a return before now, but some few Hhds. that I had engaged for were not ready so soon as I could have wished for owing to the difficulty of the weather. I hope the Tobacco will be found in good order when called for and when you dispose of it I should be glad you would give me particular instructions respecting the delivery of it and also a form of the Receipt you think will be proper for me to take. I will let you know when the whole is at Washington.

I am, &c.,