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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Johnston to Abishai Thomas
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
March 14, 1789
Volume 21, Page 538

-------------------- page 538 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, 14th March, 1789.


It having been notified to the Executive that the Commissioners appointed by Congress for finally settling and liquidating the Accounts of the respective States, against the United States are met at New York and ready to proceed on the business, and as it has been thought that no time should be lost in bringing forward the accounts of this State against the United States, it is therefore advisable that you proceed with all convenient speed to New York to take upon you the important trust of superintending the passing the Accounts of this State with the United States.

Before you set out you will receive from the Comptroller all the Accounts and Vouchers which have been duly registered since Mr. Winder left the State, and take them on with you to New York, and use your best endeavors in conjunction with Dr. Williamson, to have them passed to the credit of this State.

Warrants for your half year’s Salary shall be ready to deliver to your order when called for.

I am, &c.,