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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Francis Child to Samuel Johnston
Child, Francis, d. 1792
April 23, 1789
Volume 21, Page 549

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsborough, April 23rd, 1789.

This will be delivered to your Excellency by Col. Thomas, who leaves this place to-morrow in order to proceed to New York with the Claims of this State against the United States, for which he has receipted to me as per list enclosed, amounting to eleven millions one Thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight pounds 5s in depreciated Money, and two Millions one hundred and seventy-three thousand, six hundred and eighty-eight pounds 17s 1¼d in Specie. These sums with three Millions two hundred & seventy-four thousand, three hundred and Ninety-four pounds 8s 6d depreciated Money, and one hundred and thirty-one thousand two hundred and twenty-five pounds 14s 6d, Specie receipted for by Mr. Winder make the sum of Fourteen Million, two hundred and seventy-six thousand, two hundred and seventy-two pounds 13s 6d depreciated, and two Million, three hundred and four thousand Nine hundred and fourteen pounds 11s 7½d in Specie Money, the Amount of Claims sent by Mr. Winder and Col. Thomas to New York, exclusive of the Specific Articles delivered, for which I have also the Colonel’s receipt in which the Quantity is ascertained and the five Million & sixty-six thousand eight hundred and Sixty-one Continental Dollars sent to the Loan Office as per Genl. Skinner’s receipt, a Copy of which I have delivered to Col. Thomas.

In mine to your Excellency by the Treasurer I omitted to send Mr. Benton’s Account for the Sum of £4.16.0 now enclosed, which I will thank you to issue your Warrants for and deliver likewise to the Treasurer.

I shall be much obliged to you to inform me whether I may or may not keep a Clerk till the business of the Entry taker of the Western Lands and the four Commissioners appointed to examine & punch the Certificates is finished. I would not ask it, if it could be done without.

I am, &c.,