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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Daniel Smith to Samuel Johnston
Smith, Daniel, 1748-1818
July 24, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 558-559

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Sumner County, 24th July, 1789.


The enclosed letter from Col. Robertson I have thought fit to send you, believing that it might convey as clear an Idea of the devastations

-------------------- page 559 --------------------
committed by the Indians in this Country as anything that I could say. He speaks only of the County of Davidson, the other two counties in proportion to their members have suffered accordingly. I assure you, Sir, many of the settlers here, being worn out with War, nothing being done by Government for our Protection, the Federal Constitution not being agreed to, no Cession made to Congress, all these evils operated so forcibly on their minds that had the Spaniards promised us effectual protection, I am persuaded many here would have been for coming under their Government in hopes of getting their Calamities alleviated.

But, Sir, for two or three weeks past our prospect has not been so gloomy. The Indians have been but little among us, by which we begin to have favourable hopes of the Treaty. It begins to be generally believed that this fall the State will agree to the Federal Constitution and probably the Cession Act may take place.

What I would most particularly intercede with your Excellency to do, is to give Congress such information of our Distresses as may induce them immediately upon the Constitution’s being agreed to, or the Cession Act made, to give us some effectual protection.

We are here very anxious to know what effect the Treaty will have with the Indians, or indeed whether they will be any at all with them. We hope that the Commissioners will represent to the Indian that we are under the protection of the United States, altho’ not as yet in the Union.

I am, &c.,