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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Porterfield to Samuel Johnston
Porterfield, James
September 16, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 564-565

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, Sept 16th, 1789.


Your favor of the 31st July came to hand the 8th of August, and agreeable to the contents thereof I have gone through a re-inspection of all the Publick Tobacco that was at this place, or that could

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possibly be got here at this time, our River is so low and has been so these two or three Months, that the Boats can scarcely go up and down empty. The remainder fo the Tobacco I hope will be got down, by the last of the next Month, there will be about two hundred and fifty Thousand agreeable to the Inspectors Notes, they are all very much short of the first weight, they will lose at least 6 per Ct. 29 Hogsheads out of what has been now inspected are refused.

I am very much disappointed that Mr. Carthy does not receive the Tobacco, at this time, my opinion was that I should make a delivery immediately and take a receipt for the quantity delivered, but Mr. Carthy informs me that agreeable to his Contract he is not to be in possession of the Tobacco until Bills are drawn and Accepted for the amount, therefore the whole is again stored at a very considerable expence and I suppose remains at the risque & charge of the State.

I wish your Excellency would give me some further advice on the business, before the delivery may take place in order that it may be properly conducted.

Mr. Carthy brings with him a Manifest of the Tobacco now inspected by Darsey & Callender two hundred and fifty-nine Hogsheads weighing two hundred & Seventy one Thousand seven hundred & Sixty one pounds Nett beginning at No. 1 and going to 269.

I have the Honor, &c.,