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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Fauchereaud Grimke to Henry William Harrington
Grimke, John Fauchereaud, 1752-1819
September 29, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 565-566


Charleston, Sept. 29, 1789.

Dr. General:

I wrote you sometime past concerning a Gin for Cotton informing you at that time that the price of a double one would be £12 & that of a single one £8. Not having heard from you I apprehend my Letter has not reached you; having therefore a Good Opportunity by one of your Neighbours (one Null, formerly a Corporal under me), I embrace it to give you the information about the price; should you not have received my other Letter. I should be glad to hear how your Election business has gone on, whether favorable or not to our wishes & Federalism. Mr. Benj. Smith lately arrived from Wilmington says, that they are all Federal for his County,

-------------------- page 566 --------------------
the antis have been rejected there. May you have had the same Success.

I am Dr. General with Esteem yr. ob. hum. Servt.,

Comps to my old Friend Mr. Pegues & Sons.