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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Senate [Extract]
North Carolina. General Assembly
December 06, 1788
Volume 22, Page 54

-------------------- page 54 --------------------
Senate Journal 1788---Supplement.
[The following supplies the conclusion of this Journal which was omitted in Vol. 20, at p. 599.—Ed.]

The several bills passed into laws by a final reading in each house, were now called for and ratified; which being done, it was, on motion of Mr. Gallaway,

Resolved, unanimously, That the thanks of this house be presented to the Hon. Alexander Martin, Esq., Speaker thereof, for his diligent and unwearied attention to public business during the present session.

The business of the session being closed, the house adjourned without day.

By order,
S. Haywood, C. S.