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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration by Daniel Alexander concerning his military service in the Revolutionary War [Extract]
Alexander, Abraham
Volume 22, Pages 94-95

(Extract from Declaration of Daniel Alexander of Mecklenburg Co. Revolutionary Soldier. Pension Office Washington. O. W. & N. D.—Invalid File No. 2905. “Minute Man.” 1778-1781.)

“I also volunteered under Captain Martin Fifer on the same duty

-------------------- page 95 --------------------
and at the Moravian Town over Yadkin River and also in Guilford Co. under Capt. Alexander. In this duty we were 4 months employed in 1780. We were called out and went under the command of Major Wm. R. Davie—an Attorney and Officer, later Minister to France, I believe—to join Gen. Gates near Camden. Major Davie was a tall, sallow-complexioned man with blue eyes. On getting as far as Gaston’s(?) which is near the South Carolina line, we met the American Army retreating. Gen. Gates and Major Davie had some conversation. We advanced some distance, when, on meeting some French Officers flying, we also joined in the retreat.

Gen. Gates had on a pale blue coat with epaulettes, with velvet breeches, and was riding a bay horse. We retreated as far as Charlotte very much fatigued and worn down.”