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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration by Benjamin Hester concerning his military service in the Revolutionary War
Hester, Benjamin
Volume 22, Pages 131-132


In February, 1833, of Granville County, N. C., testifies that he joined Captain Taylor’s Company at the Troublesome Iron Works the day after the Battle of Guilford C. H., and distinctly recollects the two incidents related by Capt. Taylor, viz: The attack on Tarleton’s Dragoons and the affair at the cabin, as recited by him. He thinks, however, that the name of the party wounded in retreating from the cabin and who afterwards died, was Capt. Crump (instead

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Drake). The hat that fell from his head when wounded was taken possession of by his brother Jo. Hester, who was present at the time. His brother John was also one of the party. Benjamin Hester states that DeGloback, who was with Taylor in the attack on the pickets of the enemy, had no commission at that time, nor did he receive it until afterwards near Wilmington, as his expression at the time of receiving it was “Dam’em, I will fight them to the very hell.” The 3 prisoners taken in that attack were wounded by the sword of Benjamin Hester. The two first were sentries at their post. On their retreat he captured the third who was sheltered behind a tree and he drove him along before him until he came up with the rest of the Company from whom he had been partially separated. DeGloback immediately ordered him to kill the Hessian, which was not done although somewhat maltreated. He was in the pursuit of Cornwallis to Wilmington, N. C.