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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration by James Jones concerning his military service in the Revolutionary War
Jones, James
Volume 22, Pages 133-135


Vol. in Inf. 1778 in Co. Rowan, N. C., under Capt. Wm. Wilson, John Todd, Lt., Alex. Dobbins, Ensign, Reg. under Col. Francis

-------------------- page 134 --------------------
Locke, Brig. Gen’l Ruthherford. Rendezvous at Salisbury, N. C., marched thence through Mecklenburg Co. to Camden, S. C., thence to Santee River, crossing at Nelson’s Ferry; thence to Charleston, remained some days, thence to Purysburg on Savannah river, where we joined Gen. Lincoln and the main army. Another time the B. army were marching near the S. river in Ga. Both armies seemed for some time watching each other on opposite sides of the S. river. Capt. W. was ordered from the main army and posted on a lagoon running into the river between Tubber’s ferry and the Two Sisters’ Ferry, and I was one of the guard sent with him. During the winter we had a skirmish with the B., who were ascending the River in boats near a place called the White House, where our commissary stores were deposited; thence by a forced march we went up the river to reinforce Gen. Ashe, who was encamped on Briar Creek in Ga., and we had reached the Ferry on Savannah river off wh. Gen. Ashe was encamped and heard the firing of the Guns and a part of the army had answered, and we met Ashe on his retreat from the B. army. The whole army then retreated back and encamped at the Two Sisters’ Ferry, where we remained some weeks and thence we marched to a place called Turkey Hill, where we remained until the 10th day of March, 1779, when we were discharged, from whence, however, we were marched to our Co. off back to our homes in Rowan Co.—discharged, he thinks, by Col. Locke.

In 1780 I served a tour of three mo’s in Mecklenbug Co., under Capt. Thos. Cowan, Lt. Saml. Knox, and Ensign John Morrison. Our Co. were horsemen. The Cols present with the army were Craig and Barringer. Gen’l Morgan who comdd. the Regulars, was our cmdr. Were scouting on several occasions and made attack on B. at Polk’s Mill, under Capts. Hart and Dixon. B. army then occupied Mecklenburg C. H., but be4 our discharge they retreated from Mecklenburg and marched back into S. C. Out 3 months.

In the fall 1781 volunteered as private in Rowan Co. for 3 mos. under Capt. Rich. Simmons. Lt. Hoodsman and Ensign John Carson. Joined army on Pee Dee, Co. belonged to Col. Smith’s Corps (Joseph Graham was Major). Gen. Rutherford was comdr. Marched to Raft Swamp, defeated a party of Tories said to be under McNeil; thence towards Wilmington, leaving Fayetteville on the left, till we arrived at a Brick Bldg. off Wilmington where there was a B. garrison, but failed for want of artillery. John Gay was killed at this

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place. Our commander was Col. Smith. Soon after this Capt. Simmons was ordered over the Cape Fear River, and marched on the N. E. river, which we swam on account of the B. having burnt the end of the Bridge, and marched into Wilmington, where we remained a few days, and then we marched down Cape Fear to a place called the Sounds, watching the B. vessels, which lay in the river. Here we remained until our three mo’s had expired and were discharged and went home.

This declarant further states, that during the years 1780 and 1781, he served seven tours as a minute man, which averaged at the least 10 or 12 days each tour, against the Tories, sometimes called out by the Colonels, sometimes by the Captains. These tours were in Rowan and the adjoining Cos. I was two of the afsd tours under Col. Locke and Col. Brandon, and marched as far as Broad River, where Col. McDowell was encamped. I was on one of these tours with Gen. Wm. Lee Davidson and we had a skirmish with Cornwallis’ army at Cowan’s Ford on the Catawba, and Gen. D. was killed at this place about the 1st day of Feb., 1781, as well as this respondent now recollects. This declarant served several other minute tours, which he does not enumerate and claim pay for, but states that in the tours and campaigns before and herein specified he served faithfully fourteen months and upwards for which he asks for pay.

The applct. states that he was born in York Co., Penn., in the yr. 1760, and removed to settle in Rowan Co., where he resided during the Rev. war. About the year 1824 removed to present res. in Daviess Co. Ky., was a volunteer in all the tours performed.