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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum concerning the North Carolina Militia
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Volume 22, Pages 311-314


Bladen Troop, Will’m Davys, Capt’n, with officers, 33 men. The Troop wants ——, with Blew Caps & mountings, fring’d Pellats, ——, Broad Swords or hangers, with which they want to be furnished. No Indians.

Capt’n Will’m Mackenzie’s Troop in New Hanover County Consists of 27 men & 6 officers, 33. He recommends John Merrick to be Lieut: in room of Coll. Grainger; John Burgwin to be Cornel, Alex’r Duncan, Quarter master; John Poer, Clerk. No Remarks.

Capt’n Fred’ks Troop, Dupplin County, including officers, 39 men. No arms nor ammunition in the store. Pay, he says, is too small in case of a march.

Coll. Robert West’s Regim’t in Bertie County, without officers, 8 Companys, 770; Troop, 44; Tuskaroro Indians, 100 men & 201 women & children, in all 301.

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Col: Wm. Dry’s Returns for Coll. G. Innis’ Regim’t in New Hanover County, Total, including officers, in 5 Comp’ys, 508. No Indians in the County; no arms nor ammunition in store, but desire to have some Lodg’d at Cape Fear to protect the shipping. The Major having thrown up, he desires Capt’n John Ashe, the eldest Captain, to be made Major; two Lieuts. to be made Captain & Ensign Lieutenants, who he says are made by the field officers and the Clerks, Sergeants & Corporals by the Capt’ns. His observations on ye Militia are to have 4 quarterly Masters, and those who don’t appear without reasonable excuses to Each Captain, or if Captains, to the field officers, to be fined, Captains, £20; Lieut’s, £20; Ensigns, £15; Sergeants, Corporals and Private men, £6.8 Each; Sergeant, upon the Captain’s warrant, to Levy the fine, or upon neglect or refusal to pay £20, those who don’t attend the General muster to for feit double; private men who Enlist on the Horse to bring a Certificate from the officers of the Troop. Upon neglect to pay a fine as above no Capt’n of a Troop to Enlist a man out of his County or District on Penalty of £5.

By his List of vessels returned in 8 years, from 1747 to 1754, 686 in number, Tonnage 38,528, Entered as Regullars what is generally made only ½ their burthen; never exceeding 2-3. If he wants blank. Last year’s List, 94 vessels, is not yet Completed. He desires Commissions may be made out for the Militia and be sent to him.

A Petition from Capt’n George Gibbs’ Company, in Black River District, in New Hanover County, setting forth, their Captain does not Reside in the County, but in Bladen, has quit them and was made a Lieut. in the Virginia Regim’t, and since his Return has obtained 2 musters, to desire a Capt’n in their own County. Given in Mr. George.

Coll. Craven’s Regiment, in Chowan, consists of 7 Companies, in all 652 men, besides officers. Capt’n Foushe is dead. Will’m Walton Recommended to Succeed him. He desires to have the Companys more equally divided, and to have 8 Companies, and to alter the districts. There is but one Indian nation, the Chowans, in the County; only 2 men and 5 women and children; ill used by their neighbors. No arms in store; 400 weight of Bullets & Swan Shot. The last County Court made an order to buy 100 weight of Gun powder. Quere: How are the Militia armed? There being no Returns of that. He recommends Joseph Elbeek to be made Register of

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Edgecomb County. He complains that the officers’ pay is two small and the private men too large.

Coll: Thom’s Lovick, Collector of Beaufort, in Carteret County. His Regiment Consists only of 2 Companies, amounting to 195 men, including officers, Coll., &c., 209. No arms or ammunition in store. No Indians in the County.

Will’m Eaton, Esqr., Coll. of Granville County. His Regim’t consists of 8 Companys, 734, besides offiecers; 2 Capt’ns, Simms & Jones, one removed and the other resigned. He thinks the fines upon delinquents should be fixed by a Court Martial & mulat. No arms or ammunition in the stores. There are about 12 or 14 Safora men, and as many women & children in the County.

Capt’n Evan Jones returns for Tyrrell County Militia, which consists of 5 Companies, 4 returned, of 337. Capt’n Euerats not return’d. The Coll. dead. Lieut. Coll’l & Major have neglected to act. He, as eldest Capt’n, desires a promotion. No arms or ammunition in store. No Indians in the County.

Coll: John Heywood’s returns for Edgcomb County. 14 Companies. Number of men, Including officers, 1,317; 5 Captains Removed, laid down or dead. No Indians in the County, nor arms in Store. The number of Militia upon a new muster may be above 200 more. It is desired that more Companies be added and these more equally divided.

Perquimmans County, Coll: John Riusset’s Regim’t, including officers, 379; 3 (?) Companies. No arms nor ammunition. No Indians; 150 Quakirs in ye Militia. Wants to divide the Eldest Company, and Recommends —— for Capt’n.

Pasquotank County, Coll: R’t Murdens. Regiment, officers Included, 590. No arms; no Indians. David Davys & William Martin recommended in Room of Capt’ns, Heighe & Abercrombie.

Northampton County, John Dawson, Coll: 7 Companys, officers Included, 739. Capt’n Will’m Short recommended for Major as Eldest Capt’n, in Room of Major James Manny, deceased. The return Short by 200. No arms, &c., in Store. No Indians but the Meharins, about 7 or 8 fighting men.

Granville County, Capt’n Hurst’s Troop, with officers, 32. A few Safora Indians.

Alex’r McCullogh gives up his Commission for Orange. Recommends

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John Grey. Sherrif Dixon, Lieut. Col: not proper to Succeed him.

Hyde County, Coll. Senclair’s Reg’ts, 4 Companies, with officers, 252.

Coll: DeRosset’s Regiment in Johnston County, 10 Companies, officers included & Troop of Horse, 893. No Indians. Indifferently armed; must have Guns. Capt’n Person has resigned; Robt. Cade, his Lieut., to Succeed him.

Onslow County, Coll: John Starky. Regi’mt, 4 Companies, officers included, 352. No Indians. No arms in store.

Coll: Barrows’ Regim’t, for Beaufort County, 7 Companies, 587. The Coll: gives up; recommends Mr. Boyd, Lieut. Coll., to succeed him; Major Caruthers to be Lieut. Coll.; Capt’n Buck to be Major; Mr. John Handy to be Capt’n, and John Alderson to be a Capt’n in place of Capt’n Newman, who is infirm and desires to be excused. No Indians. No arms in the publick Store. In the County about 50 £weight of powder and 150 £of large Shot.

Col: Rutherford’s Regim’t of Troop in Bladen County, 441; a Troop of horse, 36. A new Company necessary to be made at Waggomas. James Row recommended for Capt’n. Drowner’s (?) Creek on the Head of Little Pedee, 50, furnishes a mixt crew, a lawless people filleth the Lands without patent or paying quit rente. Shot a Survey’r for coming to view ——(?) Lands, being inclosed in great Swamps. Quakers to attend musters or Pay as in the Northern Counties. Fines not high Enough to oblige the Militia to attend musters. No arms, stores or Indians in the County.

Major Payne, by Coll: Eaton, for Granville County, recommends John Martin to be Capt’n over part of Sugar Jones Company, & Will’m Haris Rows Capt’n over the other part above Shaw’s Road, and John Hawkins Capt’n over part of Rich’d Coleman’s Company, & Will’m Johnston over part of Will’m Harris’ Company, & Will’m Porter (?) Capt’n instead of Benjamin Sims, removed, & John Ferohack (?) in room of Osborn Jeffries, & Mr. Robert Hicks to be on the Commission of the Peace.

Currytuck County, Coll. Shingold, 5 Companies, officers Included, 345. Will’m Shingold to be Coll., Stephen Williams Lieut. Coll., Robert Whitehall Major, Tho: Burgess in Room of Capt’n Davys, John Woodhouse in room of Capt’n Caron, Jacob Farrows in room of Capt’n Job Carr.