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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to John Simpson
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
November 20, 1770
Volume 22, Page 408

New Bern, the 20th November, 1770.


From the report generally prevailing in the Country that the Body of People who style themselves Regulators intend coming to New Bern during the sitting of the ensuing General Assembly to intimidate the Legislature Body, I think proper hereby to command you to assemble your Regiment on the first Notice you can get that the Insurgents are on their March, and to obstruct and oppose them in their progress through the Country to New Bern, and even to repel Force with Force. But should you find it out of your Power to collect a sufficient Number of Men in time to effect that purpose, I must require you in case they do come down to follow them to New Bern with all possible Expedition with your whole Regiment, in order to protect the Legislature and to preserve the peace of the Government. It will be necessary for you to load as many Carriages with provisions as will subsist your men for one week at the rate of one pound and a half of meat and one pound of Flour for each man per day. I cannot conclude without acknowledgeing the grateful Sense I feel for the honorable Return you have made me of the Volunteers of Pitt County, An Example worthy of Imitation of every County in the province at this important Crisis.

By Col. John Simpson.