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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Testimony of William Pickett and James Terry concerning the actions of the Regulators
Pickett, William; Terry, James
December 07, 1770
Volume 22, Page 411

Interrogatories of William Picket, Esquire, Sheriff of the County of Anson, at the Bar of the House, the 7th Day of Dec., 1770.

Q. 1st. Who are deemed ringleaders of the Regulators in your County?

Answer. Thomas Swearingham, Principal.

Q. 2nd. Do you recollect any Opposition to the Justices sitting in the County Court of Anson?

He saw the Regulators pull them off the Bench, took their seats and Continued Dancing, &c., for some time, and believes with intent to prevent the usual Course of Justice; and hath often seen Advertisements Threatening to whip Sheriffs if they assembled to serve any Process.

Q. 1st. James Terry, Deputy Sheriff, Anson, What Obstructions have you met with in collecting Taxes?

A. That he met at several convenient places in the County. The Regulators refused to pay, and gave for reason they were ill-used by officers and did not know what they paid their Money for, and that he hath seen goods taken from the Sheriff by those People called Regulators; in particular, in 1768 from James Pickett a Blanket—and threatened his life if he refused—but at length the delivered the same, fearing the consequences.