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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Roster of William Burney's company of the Pitt County Militia
No Author
Volume 22, Page 415

-------------------- page 415 --------------------
Capt. Wm. Burney.
James Brooks, Lt.
Charles Taylor.
William Taylor.
John May.
Archibald Addams.
John Hardee.
Flish Cox.
Norlen Mills, Jun’r.
Norlen Mills, Sen’r.
Andrew Hardey.
Daniel Willson.
Rich’d Albritton.
James Handcock.
Alex’d Danield.
Isaac Buck.
Will’m Travis.
Isaac Mills.
Sampson Slaughter.
Wm. Slaughter.
Ezechiah McAfee.
Joshua Putnell.
Michael Moss.
George Williams.
John Stocks, Sen’r.
Lemuel Cherry.
David Mills.
Fried Mills.
Isaac Stocks.
Isaac Brooks.
John Brooks.
Samuel Cannon.
John Cannon.
Thomas Hardey.
Thomas Grager.
John Haddick.
George McGowen.
William Cannon.
John May.
Peter Moss.
Pearson Toten.
John Stocks, Jun’r.
William Williams.
David Williams.
Simon Burney.
William Handcock.
Harry Smith.
Samuel Knight.
Moses Strawhorne.
John Avary.
Thomas Smith.
Stewart Gorden.
Robert Hardey.
Isa’h Hardey.
Lemuel Simmons.
Benjamin Allen.
William King.
Jesse King.
Starkey Bell.
Benjamin Cory.
William McGowen.
Thomas English.
John Mills, Sen’r.
John Mills, Jun’r.
John Robinson.
Thomas Tuton.
James Quartermuss.
Thomas Albritton.
Isaac Hardey.
Joseph Stevens.
Abraham Adams.
Isaac Nobels.
Margaret Tanner.
John Simpson.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: Although the editors included this document with several others from the 1770-1771 period, it seems to be related to the Revolutionary War.