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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
List of officers in the Cumberland County Militia
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Volume 22, Page 473

Cumberland List of Officers.
James Rutherford, Colo.
Alex’r McAlester, Lieut. Colo.
Thos. Collins, Major.
John Armstrong, Cap’n.
Archibald McNeill, Lieu.
John Campbell, Ensign.
Arch’d McDonald.
Malcolm Clark.
Robert Smith.
Andrew Shepherd.
John Donelly.
John Shepherd.
Daniel Campbell.
Alex’r McPherson.
Alex’r McKoy, Jun.
Thomas Matthews.
Hugh Gilmore.
Stephen Gilmore.
Collen Shaw.
John Brownlow.
Arthur Council.
William Gardner.
James Mine.
Joel McClendel.
John Carrol.
James Collins.
James Russel.
Gilbert Clark.
Thomas Dobbins.
Daniel Clark.