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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Talk by Old Corn Tassel to Joseph Martin
Corn Tassel, Cherokee chief
March 25, 1787
Volume 22, Pages 493-494

March ye 25th, 1787.
A Talk Delivered Colo. Joseph Martin by the Old Corn Tassell.

Brother: I was Very Glad to See you Yesterday, as I was in great Hopes that you would Bring Some Good News for us, as the Franklin people are Setling all our Lands; but you inform us that Congress have not gone fully into our business yet, which we are Very Sorry to hear. You tell us you Saw Colo. Hawkins and that he has gone Back to Congress; that you Expect he will do Something for us. We hope he will, as we all look on him to be a good man. John Woods was here Since you went away and wanted me to go with him to Congress, but I told him I wanted Nothing to Say to him; that you was Doing our busyness. We therefore hope You will write to Colo. Hawkins and all the Beloved men of Congress and let them know how we are used. You know our Situation and

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Treatment Better than we can Express it, therefore, trust you to Write to all the beloved Men for us. I am now going to tell you Some News: The French at The Musell Shoals have Sent us Several Letters informing us that the English, French & Spaniards all, all Join’d against the Americans; that the Northward Indians & Creeks are to Strike this Spring. They want us to Join also. But I Remember your talks and will hold them fast, tho some of the Chickamogga people have Gone out to take Satisfaction for some of their friends Killed by the Kentucky people, which I fear will make great disturbance. I want to sett still till I hear from Congress, and as you Tell us not to go to the Spaniards, we will not go, tho they have sent Several times asking of Beeds.

A True Copy.


Additional Notes for Electronic Version: Although the editors included this document with several others from the 1770-1771 period, it is not related to the Regulator conflict.